Lelit Anna PID coffee machine


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The Lelit PL41TEMD is a good quality Italian espresso machine capable of making cafe quality coffee at home. The built in PID temperature controller ensures stable brew water temperature which is vital for great tasting espresso. The PID also controls the steam pressure to ensure strong, consistent steam. The stainless steel and brass construction ensures a long service life.

The PL41TEMD has a 3 way valve so that the group handle can be immediately removed after brewing. This valve also allows the machine to be backflushed. This feature makes the machine easy to use and easy to clean.

The Lelit PL41TEMD has a built in brew pressure gauge which shows whether the brew pressure is optimal. (Too little pressure indicates an under extraction, too much pressure indicates an over extraction). The gauge will also indicate when maximum pressure is reached while backflushing - so that you know when to turn the pump off.

For the first time on a Lelit model, the PL41TEMD has a true 9BAR OPV fitted. This ensures the brew is at the optimal pressure so that bitter coffee does not result as a consequence of high brew pressure. This pressure will be able to be read off the brew pressure gauge when extracting a shot.

This machine is fantastic value when you consider it:

  • is made in Italy
  • is constructed from quality materials
  • has a built in PID temperature controller (brew and steam control)
  • is designed to give a long service life
  • has a built in brew pressure gauge

Included accessories

  • ESE filter, single filter basket, double filter basket, blind filter
  • 1 double Portafilter
  • Plastic coffee scoop
  • Plastic tamper


  • Made: Italy
  • Materials: Stainless steel body
  • Ideal tamper size: 57.55 mm
  • Boiler: 250ml brass
  • Boiler temperature control: PID temperature controller
  • Ball jointed steam arm
  • Tank capacity: 2.7 litres
  • OPV: 9 BAR
  • Power: 1100W
  • Filter basket: 57.9mm
  • Size: 23cm wide x 27cm deep x 34cm high
  • Weight 8 kg
2 yrs warranty