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About Us

Coffee equipment and beans have always been our passion, so more than 20yrs ago we turned our passion into a business, trading as Auspresso.

Under new leadership, Jonathan Alexander has taken on the challenge of giving Auspresso a fresh new look. With more than 10yrs experience in the industry, Jonathan hopes to expand our range of coffee's, equipment, brew gear and barista accessories as well as roasting equipment such as the Aillio Bullet roaster. 

Originally, Auspresso was headed by Calvin Tilley, who surprisingly still gets excited over a new model coffee machine and has to pull it apart to see how it ticks. However, they say with age comes experience, but like wise  with experience comes age, so Calvin hopes to step back a little and allow Jonathan to take up the reins.

Sonia Tilley is married to Calvin and there isn't much that goes on in the business that she doesn't know about.  Don't be afraid to ask her for technical advice.... she's spent a lot of time looking over Calvin's shoulder so she knows quite a bit about the internal workings of a coffee machine too.

Our technicians never miss an opportunity for technical training. However, the secret to good coffee is not just the equipment, so our staff have all had coffee and barista training and are happy to share tips on how to get the most out of the equipment you purchase.

There are more team members, all equally passionate about coffee. 


Mission Statement 

We aim to be the preferred supplier/servicer of coffee equipment and products, whether it be for the home, office, or café environment.

We offer our customers a unique "One-Stop Shop" experience where we offer the right equipment and products, combined with the best after-sale service.

Our team is genuinely focussed on building strong, trusted relationships with our customers, at all times considering their unique requirements, making our brand the most trusted in our industry. 


We understand

We understand how important it is that your first cup of coffee in the morning is so good that it provides you a special moment, setting you up for your best possible day.

We understand how hard it is to decide what is the right machine for your home, office, or cafe, which is why we listen before we ask and then guide you to your right decision.

We understand how hard it is for the staff member who is given the task of researching coffee machines without any indication of the budget and features their employer would be wanting ... especially when that staff member doesn't even drink coffee (although, I have to admit, it is hard for us to imagine not drinking coffee), so we will guide you through the questions you didn't even think to ask.

We understand how hard it is to find a coffee that every staff member will agree is the best, which is why we encourage our corporate clients to purchase mixed lots of coffee and not the same coffee all the time. We keep a large range and regularly introduce new blends so that your staff won't become bored.

We understand that when the coffee machine is not in good working order, the staff are also not in good working order. 

What is worse is when a business depends on the production and sale of coffee drinks for their income, we understand how desperately that business requires prompt attention.

We understand that nobody enjoys cleaning at the end of the day, which is why we try to supply equipment with the latest in automatic self-cleaning features.

We always try to put ourselves in your shoes and we do our best to meet all reasonable requests.