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Prosumer Coffee Machine Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

As a proud owner of a prosumer, one group home coffee machine, such as Rocket, ECM, Quick Mill, Profitec, Lelit or Bezzera, you understand the joy and satisfaction that comes with brewing your own perfect cup of coffee. However, to ensure that your machine continues to deliver optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance and service are essential.

Preventative Maintenance (Rates apply to workshop services only)

Prosumer E61 Intermediate Service $185.00 inc. GST


Clean Group Head and replace group seal and shower screen.
Check Steam and Brew pressure and clear blockages if present.
Remove and clean water level probe – reassemble and test.
Check for leaks.
Check anti-vac valve working.
Test coffee, hot water and steam.
Backflush and clean portafilter (please provide).

Parts included: Group seal and screen.

Note: if additional parts needed there may be additional charges.

Prosumer E61 Full Service $395.00 inc. GST


All of intermediate service, plus:
Disassemble group and replace valves and seals and lubricate.
Disassemble steam and water taps, clean, replace seals, lube, reassemble and test.
Replace anti-vac valve.
Double syphon and flush boiler. 

Parts included: Basic Service Kit, Group Valve Kit, Anti-vac Valve

Note: if additional parts needed there may be additional charges.