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When choosing a coffee grinder there are a number of features you need to consider, such as the diameter of the blades or the size of the motor.
If you own an espresso machine, then it is essential that the grinder is capable of grinding fine enough to create brewing pressure and produce a pour with dark golden crema. All of the grinders we carry at Auspresso are suitable for espresso.
You will also need a grinder that has either conical or flat burrs. Unfortunately with the propeller style blades (like a blender) there is no guarantee the grind will be even and this will interfere with the flow of water through the coffee.
We recommend you grind your coffee on demand (G.O.D.) and not in advance. The oils on ground coffee begin to oxidise, dry and harden very quickly, so if you grind too far in advance it will be harder to extract a perfect fresh crema and may alter the flavour.

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