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Choosing a coffee machine

Choosing a coffee machine is the start of a long relationship 
It's not just a transaction, so be sure you choose one you love 

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When we wake each day many of us greet our coffee machine, or a cup of coffee, before we even speak to our partner or family. Coffee is the first thing we think of as we open our eyes and stagger to the kitchen, so the last thing you would want to have waiting for you is regret. Don't rush your decision. You are about to embark on a relationship that on average would last 10yrs ... maybe a lifetime.

There are many factors to making a great coffee:

  • Fresh beans.
  • Good water.
  • Preferred milk
  • A clean quality Grinder with sharp blades.
  • A quality Coffee Machine.
  • At least basic Barista training
  •  ❤ Lots of love ❤

There are a number of factors to choosing the right machine for you

  • How much space do you have available?
  • Are there overhang cupboards and what is the clearance?
  • Do you mostly make espresso only or milk based coffee drinks?
  • Would you prefer to have the grinder built into the coffee machine, or would you prefer them to be separate? 
  • What is a realistic budget limit for you?
  • Where is the nearest service centre and are parts readily available

Features to choose from

  • Automatic or manual
  • Boiler: single, heat exchange or multi
  • Boiler controlled by pressure stat or PID temperature
  • Pump style: Vibration or Rotary Pump (Rotary can be plumbed to the mains water)
  • Volumetric or manual pour
  • Flow control / pressure profiling
  • Shot timer
  • Body: plastic, metal, chromed or stainless steel

Now lets talk about aesthetics.  They say "looks aren't everything". "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" etc.
When choosing a coffee machine of course you will want to love the way it looks, but more importantly, your ongoing relationship needs to be built on a strong foundation of reliablity and passion. You are going to spend many years together so you will want to love the one you pick. If the one you love is not within your budget, then maybe wait a little longer. Coffee should always be made with love 

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