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Electronic Pressure Profiling plus Single Dose Grinding for under $5,000

Electronic Pressure Profiling plus Single Dose Grinding for under $5,000

19th Apr 2024

Imagine being able to purchase the latest technology in coffee brewing equipment for under $5,000.00!

Our current showroom package is very exciting, including the VBM Domobar dual boiler, with digital screen, offering programmable pressure profiling, paired with the DF64 single dose coffee grinder, a knock box and tamp mat, for just $4999.00

Note: Domobar Super 2B Digital has a MRRP $4,999, so you are effectively getting the grinder and accessories for free.

Domobar 2B Digital with DF64  

Pressure profiling takes your coffee experience to the next level. It's all about harnessing the power of precision to craft the perfect cup, tailored to your taste preferences.

Imagine this: you start with a gentle introduction or water, allowing the coffee grounds to bloom and prepare for the extraction ahead. Then, gradually ramp up the pressure, like conducting a symphony, coaxing out the intricate flavors and aromas locked within. But just as importantly, ease off, ensuring a smooth and balanced finish that leaves you wanting more.

What's truly exciting is the level of customization at our fingertips.
The VBM Domobar Super 2B digital has 10 programmable settings.
With pressure profiling, we're not just making coffee, we're crafting an experience. 

Whether you prefer a bright and lively brew or something more rich and indulgent, you can fine-tune the pressure curve to suit your palate perfectly.

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