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Fellow Opus All Purpose Single Dose Coffee Grinder

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Product Description

Introducing the Innovative Fellow Opus Grinder: Your Ultimate Home Coffee Grinding Solution for a Variety of Brewing Methods.

For Espresso:

Designed with espresso aficionados in mind, the Fellow Opus Grinder boasts a remarkable 41 grind settings, complemented by an inner fine-tuning ring to achieve your desired fineness. In comparison to Fellow's iconic Ode grinders, which cater to filter coffee, the Opus offers an additional 10 settings, ranging from coarse grinds for cold brews to fine grinds suitable for espresso. What's more, the Opus maintains an accessible price point by employing conical burrs instead of flat ones.

Versatile Brewing Range:

The Fellow Opus Grinder is versatile, accommodating a wide range of brewing methods, including espresso, AeroPress®, pour-over, electric coffee makers, French press, and cold brew.

Anti-Static Advancement:

Building on the success of the Ode Gen 2's anti-static technology, the Fellow Opus Grinder ensures a clean and mess-free grinding experience right from the outset.


Remaining true to the brand's sleek and futuristic design philosophy, the Fellow Opus seamlessly integrates into any space with its clean lines and minimalist controls. Its matte black finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or brew bar.

Key Features:

  • Espresso Enthusiast's Delight: While versatile for various coffee applications, the Fellow Opus Grinder excels at espresso grinding, offering precise control.

  • 40mm "C6-40 Burly Burrs": Equipped with these 6-blade burrs and a powerful motor, the grinder ensures a uniform and consistent grind.

  • Expansive Grind Settings: With 41 grind settings, the Fellow Opus caters to a diverse array of coffee types and brewing methods.

  • Fine-Tuning Capability: The grinder features an inner ring dedicated to fine-tuning grind size at each setting.

  • Anti-Static Technology: Say goodbye to mess and retention with the Opus Grinder's anti-static technology.


  • Weight: 4 lb / 1.81 kg

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 210mm x 129mm x 268mm

  • Grinding Capacity: 110 grams

  • Cord Length: 39.3 in (1m)

  • Burr Size: 40 mm

  • Materials: High-Quality ABS/PC/PP Plastics, C6-40 Burly Burrs™: Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

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