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Latte Pro 1ltr Milk Frothing Jug Stainless Steel

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Product Description


Thermometer on BOTH sides of the jugs for left and right handed use.


Blue, Green and Yellow indicators provided for milk type coding


  • Blue = whole milk
  • Yellow = light milk
  • Green = soy milk


Latte Pro - SS Milk Jug with Integrated Thermometer


Latte Pro is a uniquely designed milk frothing jug featuring a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug, reducing the need for unreliable & time wasting stick thermometers or the hand-touch method for judging milk temperature.


Latte Pro ensures that your business can consistently serve excellent coffee.  Adopting milk temperature standards and staff training is much easier for your business as the Latte Pro temperature gauge is easily visible.  Your staff will gain confidence faster and luke warm returns will be a thing of the past, as will the wastage of burnt milk.


Latte Pro is also highly durable in commercial environments. 


Latte Pro - Helping make the perfect coffee EVERY time!