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Jura Claris Plus White Filter for Impressa Coffee Machines and Java

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Product Description

Jura Claris White Filter for older Impressa model machines 

pkt 1 filter

CLARIS filtersystem The CLARIS filter cartridge filters the water before every preparation, ensuring consistently high water quality for the perfect cup of coffee. The CLARIS filter cartridge protects the machine against calcium deposits for a longer service life. If you are using a CLARIS filter cartridge there is no need to descale the machine.

The CLARIS filter cartridge was specially designed for JURA automatic speciality coffee machines. It is pH-neutral to coffee and is placed directly in the water tank.


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    Claris Coffee Machine Filters

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2018

    If you have a coffee machine, these Claris filters aren't optional, they're a Must Have! - especially if you live in an area with hard water. Scale is a coffee machines' deadly assassin! I've seen so many people's expensive machines ruined through lack of maintenance - which is made so simple with Claris filters. All you need do is install the filter in the receptacle in the water tank and it ensures the water passing through your machine is clean, neutral ph water. The filter lasts for 250 litres of water used. My machine tells me when that happens and gives me a reminder to change the filter. If yours doesn't, it's easy enough to calculate about how much water you use and then just set a reminder on your phone/PC or whatever is your preference. These filters make redundant the need to run a descaling cycle on your machine which is a big time saver. As an added bit of protection, I run a cleaning cycle once a week. This involves running the Machine Clean cycle on my machine (a Jura Impressa). You simply press the button and the machine guides you from there. You need to use the Cleaning tablets which in mine you place in the pre-ground coffee shute. They simply clean all the crema and coffee oil left in the lines. The combination keeps the machine in pristine condition and you can honestly tell the difference in coffee quality. As I said earlier, I've seen many people ruin their machines through not taking simple precautions, especially in this hard water city (Brisbane, Aus) and then blame the machine. I've been using these products for over 5 years of mine and it's never seen a service centre and continues to run perfectly and makes consistently delicious coffee. Definitely recommend.