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Dr. Coffee F3 Plus

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Product Description

The F3 Plus is the latest Dr. Coffee model designed for high volume venues. Utilising a commercial rotary pump, it delivers instantaneously with full control of each cup. Iced coffee’s and chocolate are now also available with the touch of a button.

Key Features
● Professional milk pump can make cold and hot milk foam, and the efficiency is increased by 1.8 times compared with F2.

● Professional program-controlled preheating system, the coffee machine can be preheated at a custom time to ensure the quality of each first cup.

● Imported professional vane pump can make coffee in high efficiency and high-speed. It has strong continuous coffee output ability, and the coffee output speed is increased by 1.5 times compared with F2.

● The smooth high-temperature milk froth system and automatic cleaning design make the milk froth more delicate and smooth, and coffee cleaning is more convenient.

● Custom beverage parameters, DIY coffee of your personal taste.

● High capacity of double bean hopper and powder hopper, let you have more choices of beverage production.

F3 Capacity

Advised daily output 300 cups
Hourly output Single Double
Espresso 140 200
Americano 120 150
Cappuccino 120 /
Hourly hot water output 27L
Beans hopper capacity 2 x 1200 g
Grounds container capacity 100 Pcs (Base on 10g/Shot)

F3 Technical sheet

Coffee machine 220-240V~ 50/60Hz2600-3100W
Cooler&warmer rack 220-240V~ 50/60Hz140-170W
Connection tube set G3/4’ change into G3/8′ length 1.5M metal tube
Water pressure range 80-600KPa (0.8-6Bar)
Coffee machine (W x D x H) 34 x 54 x 83 cm
Fridge and cup warmer rack weight 48 kg
WEIGHT 48 kg
DIMENSIONS 54 × 34 × 83 cm

Warranty Information

12 months manufacturers parts warranty