Lelit Elizabeth V3 - PL92T


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The Lelit Elizabeth PL92T V3 is a dual boiler espresso machine with an Italian design, that makes entertaining easy. As of September 2020, the Elizabeth has been iterated with internal improvements leaving you with a better experience. 

The V3 features: 

  • upgraded silent pump 
  • new economy mode
  • new water reserve tank line 
  • improved temperature and level probe
  • new anti-vacuum valve

The new and improved Elizabeth gives you the biggest bang for your buck, taking our favourite features and putting hem ino a compact body at an affordible price without cutting corners. The built in PID gives you the ultimate control over temperature, programmable volumteric dosing shots and shot timer gives you all you need to pull an excellent shot. The dedication seen by Lelit is shown through the details, precise filter baskets and a 2 bar steam pressure (never seen on a machine this small), means not only is your cappuccino ready faster but at the same finely-textured microfoam quality you get at your favourite cafe. 

This revised version of the Elizabeth is the first reservoir-only machine to have true preinfusion. The pressure is exerted from the steam boiler over to the coffee boiler to infuse the coffee puck with water prior to the extraction, this can extract more flavour from the coffee! The Elizabeth can also now do another type of preinfusion by using only the coffee boiler to gently wet the puck for a programmable time,stop the pump, then continue with the shot. The automatic purge acts as a cooling flush to let you have an ideal temperature for extraction. The temperature display keeps you informed and the extraction time is displayed for 20 seconds at the end of the shot. This game changer from Lelit will not let you down. 


  • 58mm group head
  • Programmable PID controlled brew boiler - for perfect tasting espresso
  • Simultaneous espresso and milk steaming
  • Timed shots (automatic delivery for single and double shots based on user settable times)
  • Programmable pre infusion
  • Programmable standby function
  • 2.5L Tank size


  • Double portafilter
  • Single and double filter baskets
  • Blind filter basket
  • 35l in tank water softener
  • Plastic Tamper